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Our Service Department can keep your ride in tip-top condition! We have experienced and trained technicians who are knowledgeable in both gas and electric carts.

We use the latest technology to provide you with reliable and quality service! With over 12 years of experience with cart maintenance, service, and repair, we can give them a tune-up, replace batteries, troubleshoot, and repair them!

DIY Cart Maintenance

Tire Maintenance
Check tire pressure monthly and add air as needed. An under-inflated tire can cause uneven wear and shorten the life of the tire. It can also put a strain on the performance of your cart. The maximum PSI (pounds per square inch) is indicated on the tire. On most standard golf cart tires, the PSI will be around 18 pounds.
Paint and Body Care
The paint on a golf cart is similar to the paint used on automobiles. Use a high-quality wax that is non-abrasive and approved for clear-coat finishes. Just like any other wax, make sure it’s not applied in direct sunlight, and do not apply if the temperature is 100 Degrees (F) or above.
Windshield Care
Water is appropriate to clean your windshield, but be sure to use a microfiber towel. Glass cleaners and paper towels are NOT recommended because plexiglass scratches very easily. Use a plexiglass cleaner if you desire a shine!
Service and Lubrication
All golf carts require some type of service and lubrication. If you do not feel qualified, please bring your cart to us to address the following issues:

  1. There are several grease fittings located on the front end ( for steering and linkages and ball-joints) that need to be greased.
  2. Brakes should be cleaned and adjusted.
  3. The differential should be checked for proper oil level, and the linkages and wear points need to be lubricated with light oil.
Key Switch
Always remember to turn off your key switch when you are finished operating your golf cart. Your accessories (air top, blowers, lights, stereo, and so on) may drain the batteries if the key is left on for any extended period of time. Always keep your golf cart in the neutral position with the key off when the cart is not being used. 
Underneath the seat of your electric golf cart lies the life of its propulsion system… a bank of deep cycle batteries. Though often ignored, proper maintenance and usage of the batteries are essential if you wish to get maximum life and value from them. On average, a set of golf cart batteries can last from 3 to 7 years. With proper use, care, and maintenance, you can extend their life and save a lot of money! 

80% of electric cart issues are battery related

When servicing batteries, be sure to put the cart in “tow” mode and remove any jewelry you may be wearing. Contact with metal on the battery terminal can be dangerous. The batteries in a golf cart carry enough volts to weld metal. ALWAYS USE SAFETY GLASSES AND RUBBER GLOVES to check and refill batteries. Battery acid is very corrosive and can be a health hazard. Be careful with the tools you use. Do not let the tools touch battery posts or anything else at the same time. 

Maintaining your batteries after a successful break-in period is KEY! The following guidelines will be helpful:

  1. It is important to keep your batteries charged. When parked, keep it plugged in. Do not leave your golf cart off of the charger for long periods of time. NEVER interrupt the charge cycle except in case of emergencies.
  2. Check the water levels once per month. If you use your golf cart daily, or frequently, check the levels more often (every 2-3 weeks.) Brand new batteries will use very little water, but with average use, they will need water about every other month. As the batteries age, they take longer to reach a full charge, thus using water more frequently. The same is true for hotter environments as the water will evaporate more quickly. During the Summer, batteries will need to be checked twice per month. The more you use your golf cart, the more you should be checking the batteries’ water levels.
  3. After the batteries have been fully charged – ONLY AFTER – check the electrolyte water levels in each cell of the battery to ensure that the leaded plates in the battery are submerged in water. Don’t fill the cell all of the way up. Always keep the water at 1/4″ to 1/2″ above the lead metal plates. Overfilling will cause the acid to overflow out of the covers when charging which will, in turn, cause corrosion of the metal frame and cables.
  4. Use only distilled water when filling your batteries. Tap water and even purified water contain impurities and contaminants that can adhere to the lead plates and damage them.
  5. Check connectors to make sure they’re tight and to see if there is any corrosion. Check all battery posts for corrosion. If they’re not bright and shiny, they are corroded. You can purchase a spray can of a good battery cleaner or use a little baking soda mixed with water (1 cup of baking soda per 1 gallon of water). Let this soak for about 5-10 minutes before scrubbing with a wire brush. Next, clean the inside of the battery terminals. These are the round fasteners at the end of the battery leads. Use the same method above to make the inside bright and shiny. If the battery leads are frayed or partially broken, replace them. If the cable ends are badly corroded, soak them in battery acid neutralizer until the corrosion is gone. After everything is cleaned, rinsed thoroughly, and dry, spray the terminals with a “Battery Terminal Protection Spray”.
Storing Your Golf Carts
Batteries are meant to be used, not stored. If you allow your golf cart batteries to fully discharge, a great deal of damage can be done. If left long enough, the entire bank could be destroyed. When storing your golf cart, be sure to put the vehicle in “tow” mode and disable any powered accessories so that no current is being drawn on the bank. Try to put a charge to them at least once a month if possible. This can obviously be a challenge if you plan to leave for long periods of time, but in that case, you should purchase a battery tender which will keep a low current flowing to the batteries keeping them maintained and ready to use. 

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