Cushman® brand commercial and utility vehicles are known around the world for versatility, durability and dependability. They offer a complete range of heavy-duty, industrial material-handling vehicles, comfortable personnel transport and food & beverage vehicles. Gasoline- and electric-powered models plus an extensive list of options and accessories make Cushman the most versatile choice in utility vehicles.

Cushman Authorized Dealer

Agriculture & Construction Carts


Built for long days and harsh conditions, these vehicles are armed with the payload, performance and off-road tenacity that the world’s hardest workers demand.

Hauler 4x4 Diesel


Designed specifically for off-road terrain, all Cushman® agriculture and construction vehicles feature lifted suspensions and aggressive tread tires to overcome mud, sand, ruts and washouts. From fields and feedlots to the punishing path of construction sites, they’re built to take on the most demanding jobs day in and day out.

Golf & Pro Turf


Whether you’re working to manicure fairways and bunkers or taking care of members and guests, these vehicles know what it takes to get the most out of every hour on and off the course.

Cushman Hauler Pro


Maintaining a pristine course isn’t always a pretty job. And when it’s time to do the heavy hauling, these vehicles are ready to work. From big beds and payloads to features that help you get more done, Cushman® utility vehicles were made to get your course ready for play.

Cushman Refresher FS4

Food & Beverage

Satisfied guests are the lifeblood of any successful course. That’s why we build a line of food and beverage vehicles designed to meet their every need. From on-course refreshments and merchandising to event catering, Cushman Refresher vehicles are designed to keep your guests happy — and your revenue growing.

Cushman Shuttle 6

Personnel Transport

Golf is hospitality at its best. From workers and event volunteers to members and guests, it’s all about taking care of the people that make things happen for your course. These Cushman Shuttle™ personnel transport vehicles were designed to get everyone where they need to be in comfort and style, so your business can keep moving in the right direction.

Government & Universities


From city parks to campus green spaces, government and university employees work hard to maintain the communities we enjoy. Cushman® is here to help with a full lineup of vehicles designed to increase productivity on the job.

Cushman Shuttle 8

Personnel Transport

For organizations with a lot of ground to cover, Cushman® Shuttle™ personnel transport vehicles offer a comfortable way to get staff and visitors where they need to be quickly. Select models include a cargo deck in addition to passenger seating so gear and supplies can come along for the ride.

Cushman LSV800

Street Legal

For some workers, moving from task to task requires a quick jaunt on city streets. So we built a Cushman street-legal utility vehicle that’s approved for use on most public roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less.

Cushman Hauler Pro-X


Keeping your grounds in top shape is a lot of work. Fortunately, Cushman utility vehicles are built to help you get it done in a fraction of the time. From light maintenance tasks to major landscaping projects, these vehicles deliver the horsepower, payload and features you need to boost productivity no matter what task lies ahead.

Hospitality & Maintenance


Taking care of guests and grounds can be a lot of hard work. But with Cushman® vehicles on your team, you’ll have the cargo space and seating capacity to get more from every day.

Cushman Shuttle 4

Personnel Transport

When your property is large and the expectations are high, an enjoyable ride from place to place can go a long way. So these Cushman® vehicles are designed for a smooth ride with abundant seating and cargo space — ensuring everyone that visits your facility gets around quickly and comfortably.

Cushman Hauler Pro


People demand the best from your property, and delivering perfection requires crews to work smarter. With these Cushman utility vehicles by your side, the job just got easier.

Cushman Refresher FS4

Food & Beverage

If you take care of guests, food and drinks are central to an enjoyable experience. So serve up even more satisfaction with these Cushman refreshment vehicles that take your service and your revenue to the next level.

Factory & Warehouse


Successful business is all about keeping your facility running at top speed. Designed with factories and warehouses in mind, these vehicles make sure you never waste a second.

Cushman Tital HD

Burden Carriers

These nearly-indestructible Cushman® burden carriers were designed to take on the heavy lifting for you, bringing tons of hauling potential to every workday.

Cushman Tug

Tow Tractors

Who’s got pull around your workplace? When you add one of these Cushman tow tractors to your team, there’s no question. Specially built for one task, the Tug can tow just about anything.

Cushman Shuttle 8

Personnel Transport

Every minute spent walking around the facility is a minute wasted. So we’re putting those inefficiencies in their place with a line of Cushman personnel transport vehicles that can get people and gear to the next task quickly.

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